Gourmet Salt Flight from Syracuse Salt Co.



Each order consists of Three 1.75 oz. jars of gourmet salt.

The Flavors are:

Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt

Roasted Garlic Sea Salt


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“It is a true saying that a man must eat a peck of salt with his friend before he knows him” — Miguel de Cervantes, ‘Don Quixote’

The Syracuse Salt Company began with David & Libby – a father and daughter duo.

Born and raised in Syracuse, NY, David grew up in the industrial town endearingly nicknamed the ‘Salt City’ way back in the 18th century.  Traveling around the city in the winter months (which are about 9 months out of the year), it quickly becomes apparent where the quirky name originated from. Along Onondaga Lake, known as ‘Salt Lake’ in the 1600s, the roads look as though they are paved in white. Surprisingly, this is often not from the snow itself which Syracuse is known for, but rather the salt springs found along the shores of the lake.

Growing up, Libby could often be found in the kitchen with David cooking or baking, though unfortunately without much success.  Libby did not inherit David’s talent for creating something out of nothing, but did often enjoy the fruits of his labor. This skill of David’s evolved into a passion for trying out new flavors and unconventional dishes. He quickly realized that the secret to this type of experimentation could be found in different variations of salt – be they finishing salts, Himalayan salts, or varying types of flake and sea salts.  After reading up on the history of salt and conducting fairly extensive research on the subject (more on that here), he began sampling various exotic flavors and recruited Libby into trying new dishes. However, they both felt that there was a wider audience to be reached with this fairly well-kept secret. Thus,  Syracuse Salt Company was born.


Sriracha Infused Sea Salt

That tangy, spicy red pepper sauce that your friends all seem to add to every dish? Meet its new best friend – Sriracha flavored Sea Salt. Not for the faint of heart, use sparingly or generously depending on the toughness of your taste buds.

Perfect For: Eggs, Potatoes, Popcorn, Mixed Drinks, Snack Mixes, BBQ


Rosemary Infused Sea Salt

One of our strongest flavored sea salts, Spanish Rosemary is known for its aromatic, earthy notes which bring to mind holidays and roast chicken.
However, what you may not know is how versatile this flavor profile is, making it perfect for experimenting and elevating almost any dish you can think of.

Perfect For: Potatoes, Chicken, Soups, Sauces, Herbed Butter, Salads, Enhanced Desserts


Roasted Garlic Sea Salt

This ain’t your mama’s garlic salt. Potent and buttery, this sea salt works as a great alternative to that generic stuff in both cooking and finishing.
Beware though, this roasted garlic salt packs a punch, so use with caution on date night.

Perfect for: Potatoes, Chicken, red meat, salads, eggs, Vegetables

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