Kandied Kernel Karamel Popcorn

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You’ve never had Caramel Corn like this.  This will be the best you have EVER had.  This is the one that started it all for Kandied Kernel.  A delicious product made with the highest quality ingredients.  Maple, vanilla, butter and brown sugar make this their #1 seller and most popular flavor.  Krispy and sweet.

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In 2011, Dave & Missy took a trip to a gourmet caramel corn and chocolate shop in 2011 and dreamily said to one another … “we should do this at home.”  At home in Syracuse, NY they realized there was a need or a niche to fill, in the gourmet popcorn business.  So after much research and studying in early 2012, they opened Kandied Kernel Popcorn Shop.

Since then, they have expanded to a large facility in Liverpool and are coming out with other amazing and fun flavors such as Buffalo Wing, Dill Pickle, Blueberry Cheesecake, Fruity Pebbles, Chocolate covered Cherry and many more.

Comes in a stay fresh bag and easily serves 2-4 people (but this stuff is tough to share!!!).


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